Duplication & Transfer Services
Innerphase Video offers complete Duplication and Transfer Services. In quantities, ranging from 1 to 5000, we can provide our customers with full color, laser, on disc printing and labeling.

Packaging options:
- Sleeves
- Jewel cases
- Amaray cases
- Shrink wrapping is also available

Video formats:
- Hi 8
- Digital 8
- 8mm

Film formats:
- 8mm
- Super 8mm
- 16mm
- 35mm slides (Yes, Innerphase Video will be happy to transfer your old slides, as well.)

Audio formats:
- Audio cassettes
- Reel to reel
- Vinyl LPs (including 45 and 78 rpm records)
- 8-Track tapes

Personal Photo Projects
Have you been putting off consolidating all of your old photos into one, easy to access, location and format?

Let Innerphase Video take these treasured keepsakes and transform them into a unique video experience. Mastered onto DVD with full color printing, we can even add a music bed to play in the background as you view your photo montage. Perfect for a number of occasions like anniversaries, weddings, graduations, retirement tributes and funerals, our transferring process takes your still or digital photos and displays them in a thoughtful, organized, video presentation that you will cherish for years to come.

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